Online Slots

Slots is a very popular and exciting game which played by many people all around the world. The main reason of its popularity is that the Slots rules are very easy for understanding. There is even no certain strategy for winning Slots. It is a game of luck. The only thing the player should do is push the button.

Also it is possible to play Slots online. Every online casino offers different bonuses and advantages for their player. In fact, playing at online casino is considered much profitable. There are a lot Progressive Slots with really big jackpots. Players who have no playing experience can visit online Slots tutorial or try to improve their skills playing free Slots.

Progressive Slots

What are Progressive Slots and why are they more popular among gamblers than regular ones? Jackpots are present here and chances to win it are bigger! Be progressive - try progressive slots!

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Slots for the Women Players

Slots have been and will always be considered the top casino game to play. They are easy to play, provide plenty of entertainment and also offer a very broad and varied choice of subjects and styles. Slots come in multiple sizes and styles. There are three-reel slots also known as classic slots, five-reel slots also known as video slots and there are slots games with no set paylines and slots games with progressive and random progressive jackpots. Each slots game needs to be addressed individually as each one has different methods included and different bonus features,

Three Reel Slots

Three-reel slots for some may be not as exciting as the video slots games but this does not have to be the case. There are many different types of three-reel slots including games with just one payline and games with multiple paylines. There are games with bonus features included on the screen and games with bonus features off the screen including special bonus trails where the player works his way around the trail earning more spins, multipliers and bonus payouts. The three-reel slots tend to show their pay tables on the side of the screen next to the reels. The pay table details for the player the different payouts that can be achieved and will also inform the player about special bonus symbols such as wilds that can substitute for other symbols and help to complete a pay line at the same time as also multiplying the payout. There are games with extra bonus features and some games include progressive and random progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot is won when the player lands a certain configuration of symbols and the random progressive jackpot is won totally at random. Each game needs to be reviewed on its own separately and can be played in fun format before placing real money bets.

Five Reel Slots

Five-reel slots are also known as video slots and these make up the majority of the slots games offered at online and mobile casinos. The video slots each tell a story and within that story there are special features, characters and symbols that create the story and atmosphere of the game. The pay table is where the player learns about the payouts of the game and any special symbols that contribute to bonus payouts. There can be wilds, scatters and additional bonus features. The wilds substitute for other symbols and in this way complete winning payouts, often multiplying the payout too. The scatters offer a multiplying payout and at the same time also lead to further bonuses, free spins or some other kind of award. And there are the bonus symbols that lead to all sorts of different bonuses on and off screen. There are pick and win games, changing symbols and changing reels, consecutive bonus games, interactive bonus games and more. Each game is unique with its own special style and theme creating a wonderful entertaining experience for the player with plenty of winning options. In addition, there are games with progressive and random progressive jackpots where the player can win the jackpot totally at random or when landing a certain configuration of symbols. There are games with gamble features offered at the end of each game where the player can try and increase his winnings by guessing colors or suits of cards, tossing coins or spinning wheels. Each game is special and unique and can be played in fun format.

Free Slots Games

All the slots games are free to play and can be tried out in the demo mode for as long as the player want. In Australia slots are called pokies and although they have a different name, the games are played in the same way. Each casino offers a variety of games with new slots added on a regular basis and special bonuses and rewards from each casino encouraging players to try out the games and enjoy them for fun and real money. Slots for UK and USA players are the same as slots for the Australian players just one set is called pokies and one is called slots. Most if not all of the slots found at online casinos are also available in mobile format with the player being able to play slots on his Android or Apple iOS device through the mobile web browser or by downloading a mobile casino app that sits on the home screen of the mobile device.

Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are offered at a number of casinos. This is a way for the player to enjoy the slots game with also a chance to win large amounts of money. The tournaments are either free to join or cost a small amount and the player gets to work his way up a leader board trying to reach the top and earn the big prizes. Slots tournaments last for a day or a week or even longer and each one should be considered differently. It is up to the player to check on each tournament and known the terms before joining. Slots are delightful, they can be exotic, and they can be political, they can be sporting, and they can be filled with fantasy and one thing is definitely common between all of them and that is the pure fun that they offer.