The History of Slot Machine

Such a popular and very exiting casino game like Slots has its own history. First slot machines were designed in 1981 by Pitt and Sittman, New York. They had 5 drums which displayed poker hands.

The Liberty Bell

Later, Charles Fey made first slot in his basement, the Liberty Bell. But it didn’t get success until Slots were put in the Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton hotel. The first Slot machine had different symbols, such as stars, horseshoes, diamonds and spades instead of famous fruit symbols. As for the Liberty Bell, it gave 50 cent payout to winner. They say that Restaurant in Reno “Liberty Belle Saloon” still has the first Slot machine designed by Fey. The Frey’s establishment was owned by his family.

Later Fey created the Operator Bell Slot machine, which actually featured standard fruit design.

Anti-gambling movement

In 1909 in San Francisco Slots became illegal. A year later it happened in Nevada. In 1911 California state banned Slots. It was even popular to be anti-gambling. Especially to be anti- slot machine. These were a black days in the Slots’ history.

Flamingo Hilton

"Bugsy" Siegel, organized crime figure, built the Flamingo Hilton; now it is the Las Vegas Strip. He invested in slots, but he didn’t take them seriously; they are considered to be a novelty for him.

Slots’ history of 60’s

During this time electronic slots were made. The main reason of it is that electronic slots are more secure than their mechanical counterpart. Then they became more widespread in different casinos and didn’t associate as novelties.

Slots’ History of 70’s

During this period different companies started to use microchips and generators of random number. And later all casinos went to this technology.

Nowadays you don't need to go to a stuffy casino for playing this game. One can easily play Online Slots. It is very interesting and comfortable. Besides, there are different kinds of this game. For example, Progressive Slots are considered to be the best to play on, because playing this kind of the game you have more chances to hit a jackpot.