Slots Rumors

Slots are a very popular and exiting game with great history. A lot of people are playing this game all around the world.

Gambling Rumors and Slots Myths

There is one myth about Slot machines that some players pour holy water into it for good luck and in such a way they rust the computer chips. But it is a mistake indeed, because if somebody did pour some liquid into the machine, it would not damage the workings of it. Rumor: Somewhere above machines there is a room in which a man sits and watches gamblers on cameras and decides which person can win the jackpot. But of course it is untrue because all machines operate independently and there is no casino control at all. Also some gamblers think that they should avoid playing Slots that have lately paid out the jackpot. The truth is that all machines are controlled at a random. The chances to hit a jackpot are the same. It is believed that in the past it was necessary to take 777 for hitting the jackpot and now three 7s pay a small amount, and casino make more money in such a way. Though, only the icons are represent how exactly the jackpot have changed. And to make the game more interesting for players icons are change occasionally. For example, on one Slot machine the jackpot icons are represented with dancing crayfish. Also some players say that it is forbidden to put one token and move on when playing Slots, because it can disrupt the machines’ rhythm. The point is that machines don’t have any rhythm. Also there is a legend about pumping extra oxygen onto the floors by casinos and making gamblers to play more. First of all if at least one of the casinos pumped oxygen or things like that it would be a crime. The reason of appearing of such a legend is that in one casino some scientist asked permission for researching the effects of scents on patrons. And the result was inconclusive.