The major concept of superstitious is to hold some of the most common belief as true. In the same manner many slot players have a idea of making their money many folds. There are some of the most common beliefs discussed in the article, few are:

There is a common belief that near weekend or close to weekend, slot machine gives more. Many pious people actually pray while other finds some justification and presents some definitions to support this. People also say when the moon is dull and dogs wondering round the gambling table are not good signs. For Chinese, such belief hold sacred to the extent that wearing specific colour cloth also becomes important to them for the game. Red favors good luck while black is considered to be bad for the game.

Game Numbers

There is some study of numbers and the meanings attached to them. This science is called numerology. Asian generally believes in numerology. On Fridays and Tuesday, people may not take 13 slot plays. For Chinese; the number 50 means “would not succeed” and number 4 means “to end, to die”. On the other hand some positive numbers like 8, 3, 6, and 9 are taken to be good. 8 mean prosperity. Many combinations of numbers like 168, 1388 and 998 are also favored.1388 depicts “success throughout the game”. The numerology concept is enough to force many casinos to entertain this belief too. Few casinos also select their names based on these numbers.

Gambling; powered by beliefs

Chinese also present fruits to their Gods before play. In the gambling song “The Gambler” sung by Kenny Rogers, counting money during play is not considered good. It is like while sitting on a table, don’t count your earned money; when the game is over, you will have enough time to make a count of your money. Some features are also exercise in the selection of cloth, they ignore touching people on their shoulders and then some special treatment with the females. Then entering through the main door and the main entrance is forbidden. It is advised to keep from spending $50 worth bill and $2worth bill. These number bills are considered to be unlucky.

Many superstitious beliefs have also made humans as well as animals sacrifice essential. In the Gambling rules, many primitive mechanisms are considered to carry no logic and justifications, yet they are equally liked and accepted by many people. They are now taken in the least harmed manners and thus considered to be much civilized.